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Merchant Support

As an Ignite Payments merchant you have access to world-class support for your business.  From on-line access to your account status or available call-in support, you have the tools to succeed.

Ignite Payments has extraordinary support services for its merchants. These services provide help in every facet of your business to help your operate and/or resolve issues that you need help on.


MyMerchantOffice.com is a dedicated merchant Web site that allows business owners to access their merchant account information online 24/7 and to reach customer service. Using the Web site, merchants can also reconcile their deposits, retrieve their deposit information, view detailed reports of their chargeback and retrieval histories, and receive prompt answers to questions they submit via e-mail.

Call-in Customer Support

Our customer service experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support your business. Among other services, Ignite Payments call center representatives can help you reconcile deposits, clarify details on your account statement and answer questions about rates, fees, chargebacks or retrievals.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Help Desk

You'll find the POS Help Desk invaluable when it comes to setting up POS processing equipment, downloading terminal applications, learning to use your payment solutions and answering general equipment-related questions.Our help desk representatives also offer their technical expertise to troubleshoot equipment issues and, in many cases, fix those issues over the telephone.

Gateway Support

The Technical Support Department assists merchants with the First Data Global GatewaySM service, other Internet gateways and processing software.
Merchants can get help with setup of the First Data Global GatewaySM Virtual Terminal service and the First Data Global GatewaySM Connect service payment options by contacting the HTML Support Group. The First Data Global GatewaySM API service support group helps merchants implement the API service for transaction processing and manages shopping cart compatibility.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive voice response (IVR) allows merchants to access their deposit history, to order merchant statements and to connect to the voice authorization center. Merchants can also request that their reports are faxed or mailed.

Merchant Club

The Merchant Club offers merchants numerous benefits, including free selected point-of-sale supplies and a program that supplements equipment warranties and provides prompt equipment replacements.


40+ years in the business
760 offerings for merchants and financial institutions
$1.5 trillion settled annually
56 billion transactions annually
1.5 billion transactions online

Simplify Security and Compliance

Eliminate storing card numbers on your premise with First Data® TranAmour® protection.