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Ignite Payments provides among the widest variety of payment options in the eCommerce industry - helping you grow your online sales and customer base.


The ways your customers buy goods and services are evolving every day. And whether they’re down the street or on the other side of the globe, offering your customers payment options across multiple channels is crucial to your success.

At Ignite Payments, our global experience across the full payments value chain gives us unique insights into the marketplace, allowing us to develop the most innovative and comprehensive solutions merchants need to leverage more value from every transaction.

Ignite Payments eCommerce solutions are no exception. For an ever-changing marketplace, we’ve created the next generation of online payments. Our state-of-the-art solutions enable you to provide customers with more payment options and safer transactions for a more satisfying shopping experience. At the same time, you’ll be able to increase revenue, reduce costs and minimize risks—to realize your full business potential.

Comprehensive Payment Options

Ignite Payments offers among the widest variety of payment options in the industry—helping you grow your online sales and customer base across multiple channels and geographies. 

Simpler Integrations

Each of our solutions is easy to implement and use — allowing you to quickly realize increased operational efficiencies with minimal integration costs.

Stronger Security Better protect your customers and your bottom line from fraud with our industry-leading security solutions, TransArmor® and Fraud FlexDetectSM.
Global Expansion Capabilities

Proven scalable solutions allow you to easily expand your global reach and provide your international customers with a seamless and familiar online shopping experience.

Unsurpassed Reliability Our optimum processing speeds and intelligent infrastructure with built-in redundancies help ensure uninterrupted service to make certain


40+ years in the business
760 offerings for merchants and financial institutions
$1.5 trillion settled annually
56 billion transactions annually
1.5 billion transactions online

"Ignite Payments is helping us move forward by enhancing our Internet presence. We hope to generate more sales than ever through our Web site, and Ignite Payments’ easy, fast, accurate credit card processing will be a big reason why. Ignite Payments has stepped up to work with us on every aspect of our business, and we’re very happy.”

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